Cost vs Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Many of us think nothing of spending a couple of hundred pounds on a designer handbag or a few thousand pounds on a nice car. We might save up for what we want or put it on our credit cards, then when we use our new belongings for the first time, we feel happy with what we have purchased. The feelings are often temporary however, particularly when we suffer from anxiety related issues or depression.

How wonderful would it be to feel less stressed and more confident than you have ever felt in your life? To know that you can now understand and control your anxiety? To have that focus and determination to crack that interview and achieve that promotion? Sometimes, we can feel that the cost of a hypnotherapy treatment will be far too expensive for us – but is it really? Isn’t getting better and living a happier life worth every penny?

Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy uses a blend of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to bring about long-lasting results. It has a huge impact on people’s lives in a fairly short time, compared to more traditional talking therapies. So, it’s very likely that in 8-12 sessions the client will be feeling completely different and achieving the goals they wanted to achieve. Simple phobias can often be helped much more quickly, in only 3-4 sessions. Simple phobias can include fear of snakes, spiders, flying & needles. These, whilst not being life threatening, can make life miserable and hold us back from living our best life.

People also think little of spending money on physical issues such as a bad back or sports injuries, yet surely our mental & emotional health is just as important? When we feel stressed and anxious, we cannot reach our potential at work, it interferes with our relationships and prevents us from achieving our goals.

So, with Chris Tarpey Hypnotherapy you can stop smoking for the price of 10 packets of cigarettes. You can get rid of a flying phobia for the price of a return flight to somewhere hot. You could even lose weight to look & feel amazing for the price of a cheap package holiday.

Wow! How wonderful would that be to be in control of your life again and to feel so much more relaxed and contented, every single day for life?