Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

What Is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

It’s a very successul combination of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Psychotherapy, CBT and Hypnosis helping to focus on solutions which will enhance your future. Decades of international research has shown that this is a relatively quick and powerful therapy for reducing anxiety, creating a feeling of calm and relaxation and empowering the ability to make positive changes.  Rather than digging up problems of the past as with more traditional forms of therapy and counselling over a long period of time.

Clients are welcome to say as little or as much as they feel comfortable with about why they are asking for support. Some people like to explain everything when we first meet. Other say a little each session as the theraputic relationship develops. Occasionally clients never tell us the background story and that’s equally fine too. I will always acknowledge where you are at that point in time, help to identify your goals and support you to make changes to achieve them. Our goal together is for you to create and enjoy the life you want to live.

If you follow the process, are willing to make changes to the way you think, then Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in relieving the symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, fear and all the issues you can see on the Treatments page.

What Is Hypnosis Like?

The hypnotic state is very normal in everday life. You may for example be watching television and go into a kind of semi conscious state between sleeping and being awake during which you are aware of the TV and can hear the sounds but are in your own little world. Similarly if you drive there are occasions when you arrive at a destination and have no conscious recollection of the journey. You were on something like auto-pilot mode and safe because had you needed to react quickly you would have done.

In Hypnotherapy sessions the trance is brought about by being in a very comfortable position listening to relaxing music and language patterns spoken by the Hypnotherapist. It’s extremely relaxing and a time when both the conscious and subconscious minds are on the same focused level and very responsive to suggestion. Bespoke suggestions are chosen to help clients change their unhelpful thought patterns. People find trance a wonderfully peaceful and calm experience – a bit like a tiny relaxing holiday.

Can Hypnotherapy Make Me Do Something I Don’t Want To Do?

Absolutely not. No ‘looking into my eyes’, pocket watches or making you think you’re a chicken. Stage Hypnotists are entertainers and very different. Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapists are complementary and natural healthcare professionals working with the very latest scientific research and understanding of how the brain works.  Working in a natural way with a clear understanding of neuroscience we use our expertise of both talking therapy and guiding your subconscious through trance  to achieve lasting change.

When I was first training and working with friends in their own homes I had two occasions when we were interrupted. The first time my friend’s husband had forgotton his keys so knocked on the front door. I tiptoed out of the room, into the hall and let him in. He was intrigued and wanted to see his wife in trance. Although I did protest it was his house so he stood in the doorway and observed his wife laying on the sofa, head on cushions, covered with a soft throw and eyes gently closed. He then left us in peace and I resumed my work. She said later that she knew he was there but just felt quite happy in her own ‘bubble’ and it wasn’t detrimental at all to the whole enjoyable experience. The second time another friend was in the middle of the trance part when there was a loud knock at the door. Her husband was in the house so I assumed he would answer the door. Then there was a second loud knock. I was just thinking I needed to answer it when my friend jumped up off the sofa and answered the door herself. Not ideal of course but no ill effects except that with visitors there we couldn’t finish our session. Her husband had fallen asleep in another room.


Hypnotherapy is extremely effective however results may vary and success cannot guaranteed. Full client commitment really is important. It is better if appointments are consistent and regular for approximately around 6 – 12 weeks. (Phobias and Stopping Smoking are different). Some people feel so changed and better after 3 – 4 weeks that they feel the journey is complete but so much more can be achieved with a few extra weeks. This is why there is a discount for courses bookied in advance to enable clients to commit to the whole journey and benefit by the reduction in price.