About me

I haven’t had an easy life myself and can honestly say that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is almost the best thing that has ever happened to me – my children and grandchildren are wonderful too of course.

Although, when I came across Hypnotherapy I was actually researching to find a way to help someone else, not myself. Before that I had no idea it could be so dramatically life changing for many things and particularly in the areas of stress, anxiety, depression etc. I had been looking for some time to find a new career that would ‘make my heart sing’.

By chance I saw the gold standard course advertised with the prestigious CPHT and just knew that was ‘it’- my future. My only actual knowledge of Hypnotherapy at that point was that my Mum had seen a Hypnotist to stop smoking in the1970’s and she never smoked again in the 30 years until she died.

From the first day, in fact moment of my course and training I was just buzzing. That has never stopped and carried me through some difficult personal situations and health issues in such a peaceful and calm way that I even surprise myself. My reactions before Hypnotherapy would have been very different – stressed, negative, anxious, worried, scared etc.

I am incredibly lucky to have found a career that not only helps me but also allows me to be a therapist supporting clients in changing their lives for the better.