How does Covid 19 Affect Working with Me

As all Solution Focused Hypnotherapists I have been working with clients throughout 2020 either online with Zoom Sessions or by phone using WhatsApp or Facetime Video. They are all really easy to use, you can be in the comfort of your own home, no travelling or traffic jams or fuel costs.  Many Hypnotherapists and clients have been surprised at how well it works and very successful it is. Some Hypnotherapists are now going to continue to work only online or by phone as it so much easier for everyone. Occasionally people do find that home is a problem for them and if they are unable to find somewhere else to communicate with us then face to face work will resume when our therapy centres can meet the legal Covid 19 requirements and our insurers say we’re covered.

What Happens in the Initial Consultation

It’s the opportunity for the you to meet me, explain the challenges you’re facing and discuss best hopes for a happier future. I can then explain, particularly with reference to the things you have said, how the brain works and why scientifically the challenges may have been caused and are difficult for you. This will also help your understanding of how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions can be so successful in accessing our conscious and subconscious minds to support changes of thoughts, behaviours and habits.  I will take notes of basic information to refer back to and we will agree what goals you would like to achieve from sessions. There is no hypnosis in the Initial Consultation. You will be asked to play my bespoke relaxation audio recording every day, ideally as you would go to sleep each night, which forms a valuable part of your therapy.

What Happens in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Sessions

The first 25 – 30 minutes is time for you to talk about what’s been happening since we last met, for revision of the science relating to how you’ve been and some solution focused goal setting for the following week. During the remaining 25 – 30 minutes is the amazingly relaxed, calm and peaceful experience of hypnosis.

Why is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Better than Talking to Friends

Friends can be lovely and very helpful but they are not (usually) professionally trained to support you with problems. They are not always able, with the best will in the world, to be impartial or detached enough to be either long term helpful or unaffected emotionally themselves. If you’ve already been talking to friends and still have the issues you’d like support with, then maybe it’s time to think about self-care and how important that is. To quote a famous saying ‘if you always do what you’ve always done then everything will stay the same’ and nothing will change. We will often spend money on everyone else, or a new item, even a holiday when in fact for the price of maybe an evening out, a few bottles of  wine or new shoes each week you could actually be seeing someone with specific skills and techniques to help you to completely change your life for the better, possibly within 10 – 12 weeks.

When are Appointments Available

Sessions are offered during weekday mornings, afternoons and evenings plus one weekend day. So if you work shifts, full time or need to fit in with school/nursery there should be an appointment to suit you depending on availability at that time.

How to Pay

Payment can be made by cash, bank transfer and debit or credit card in advance of sessions please to secure the booking.

Driving after Hypnotherapy

It’s perfectly safe to drive after Hypnotherapy sessions.


The therapy centre, Hypnotherapy Works, is on the same road as the Leeds Rhino’s ground. Two hours of free parking is always available on the street opposite or there is a single space directly outside the therapy centre.

Public Transport

There are buses nearby on Cardigan Road (5 minutes walk) and the main Otley Road (10 minutes walk) through Headingley.  Burley Park Train Station (5-10 minutes walk) is the nearest but Headingley Train Station is only a little further in the opposite direction.

Limited Mobility

Access to the Therapy Centre, Hypnotherapy Works, is really easy, it’s straight in through the doorway and no steps at all. There is also a toilet on the same level.

Cancelled Appointments

Please give 48 hours notice for cancelling appointments. Appointments are very much in demand and someone could be waiting for a session space. Last minute cancellations can therefore deprive someone else of a much needed appointment and cause therapists to lose income as they are self-employed with overheads to pay. Although understanding that life does get in the way occasionally and a serious  problem may occur,  appointments cancelled with less than 48 notice will usually be chargeable.