Fear of flying

‘I have had a massive fear of flying for many years now, and although I have always managed to convince myself to get on the plane and go, the experience in the weeks leading up to a flight and on the day of one has caused so much misery in my life. I decided to tackle this with hypnotherapy and I’m happy to say that since my course I have flown four times, with the latest time being the easiest flight I have ever experienced in years. Thank you!’


‘I’d like to thank Chris so much for all her help and support. I started having sessions with Chris, as I was experiencing a lot of anxiety, feeling very emotional and not sleeping very well, due to a difficult family situation. Chris definitely helped me through a difficult and upsetting time in my life, by making me feel much more positive and helping create an inner peace to be able to deal with the situation. I can’t recommend Chris enough, she is a wonderful person.’


‘I just want to tell you about the great experience I had when I began having sessions with Chris to help me relax better. I had become increasingly anxious and was struggling to relax. Chris began by asking my reasons for attending and said that she could help. That was just what I needed. Chris began talking to me and I remember clearly how comforting her voice was. You are taken on a journey. My breathing slowed down and felt just so relaxed and comfortable. I didn’t want it to end. I was occasionally almost asleep but always stirred when Chris brought the session to it’s end. I loved it and the techniques I learned helped me a great deal. I return to them during more stressful days.’


‘I had 6/7 sessions of hypnotherapy with Chris and I really enjoyed the sessions. Chris made me feel really comfortable and welcoming. I was able to talk about my feelings and emotions and it helped me feel more positive about my future rather than focusing on the negatives. I would recommend Chris’s services as she always acted in a professional manner at all times’.